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To renew your HSC membership for 2017-18 please complete the following 3 forms
(If you don't subscribe to our maillist you will need to validate your email address. Then we will send you confirmation of your entry and payment options.)

If you are not already a member and would like to join the club, please click this link to download an application form

Type Of Membership: * ...(Intermediate/Junior age on 1st of October 2017)...
...(Pensioner rates for members of over 10 years and of state pensionable age)...
Total Number in Family : (if you include family members aged 17 and over, they will be assigned duties)
Your Name: *First:
Number of Dinghy or Kayak spaces and lockers to be included in the renewal.
Monohull Dinghy Park (£175) class/sailno/coluor
Catamaran Dinghy Park (£270) class/sailno/colour
Junior or Tender Dinghy Park (£107) class/sailno/colour
Kayak storage (£20) colour

Sail Locker Owners only

Surfboard Locker Owners only

There is a waiting list for lockers, please add a note on the next page if you would like to be added to the list.

Please type 853

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