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Welcome. We are pleased to welcome you to Highcliffe Sailing Club.

The information below provided everything you need to know about Highcliffe Sailing Club including Bar, Galley and Club Access to the Sailing Area we use and various sailing groups we offer.

As you check the calendar of events, I hope will see that we have tried to give you plenty to enjoy on the water and off, and we hope to see you regularly at the clubhouse, Sea Vixen.

Club House Access

Access to the clubhouse is available at weekends through out the year and every day during the summer months, see yearbook for details. The main front door gives access to the lobby and changing rooms, entry is controlled by a code security lock. The main door is deadlocked and alarmed overnight.

The front door has a code security, access to clubhouse lobby and changing rooms requires entry by the code.Please do not prop it open and leave it unattended.

The Bar

Our bar is volunteer run and offers a wide range of beverages at favourable prices. The bar is open after racing (Wed, Thurs and Sunday lunchtime), after Ladies That Launch Sessions and on every first Friday of the month.

The bar is also openfor social functions such as quiz evenings, suppers, BBQs and guest speakers and during open meetings and other championships. Further details will be available on the web site, Facebook and the weekly member newsletters.

The Galley

Our galley is also volunteer run and is open after Sunday racing to provide hot & cold snacks and tea and coffee. The galley is also open during our lovely social events and for the busy open meetings to cater for all the visitors. For larger events we hand over the galley to a professional catering service

The Lounge / Bar / Galley areas Would Members please observe the club rules that:


Dinghy Park

Members who have paid for an H.S.C berth are supplied with a dinghy park sticker which is to be fixed to the transom of the boat or the forward face of the mast so that it can been seen by the dinghy park warden without having to move the cover.

Members are asked to securely tie their boats down to the ground chain to avoid damage from wind and tide and please ensure that you are insured for both accidental damage and 3rd party liability.
The Dinghy park policy and rules can be found on our Club Policies section
Questions regarding the Dinghy Park such as rogue boats in wrong spaces and requests for berths are handled by the dinghy park warden (contact details on who's who page).

Car Parking

The club is still trying to obtain a members concession for parking on the Quay from the Council. In the absence of such a concession local residents can purchase annual or � annual passes which will save you money if you regularly compete or cruise and will allow you to enjoy yourself without being constrained by the time period of any one off ticket you have purchased. Full details of these schemes can be obtained from the Christchurch Borough Council Offices, Bridge Street, Christchurch. 01202 495000 .

Members on Race Officer duty are permitted to park without payment in one of the two club parking spaces (demarcated HSC) but this is on a first come basis and vehicles must be parked within the designated space.. Members using this spaces should display a car sticker, one is allocated with each new members pack

Guests / Visitors

Just a reminder that all guests /visitors must be properly signed in using the visitor�s book located in the main hall of the clubhouse. Whilst we welcome guests and visitors and in no way wish to discourage them, the law and club rules must be adhered to. The rules allow Guests / visitors to be signed in to the club house on 4 visits per year.

Temporary membership is available to sailors visiting the club for weekend or summer holidays with a very modest payable fee , any such sailors who then decide to fully join the club would have such temporary member fees of that season deducted from the fees.

Suggestions etc

If something is broken, missing not working please put a note in the Stewards book with your name and the details. This book is located in the main hall with the visitor�s book Or put a note in the post box to either the Steward or the commodore


The advantage to members of participating in the organized sailing activities are:

Organised races and cruises have safety boat cover enabling you to be more adventurous.

A lot of knowledge and transfer of skills occurs when boats sail together It is more sociable.

Sailing in the harbour is always tide dependant and as guide a depth of tide 1.4 m above chart datum is as sensible depth to take as minimum Tide times within the Harbour are approximately � hour after those published for Christchurch entrance and equate to those for Christchurch Quay.

Boats with long vertical dagger boards can find the harbour shallows frustrating and people have made shorter foils for harbour use .The ebb flows near the entrance can be very strong so be aware and keep well away from the Quay end if you do not wish to be washed out to sea down the Run

Sailing at sea not tide depth dependant but sailing in or out of the Run at peak ebb or flood flow can be difficult hazardous or impossible.

There is always the option of launching and recovery directly into the sea from the beach accessed by the path in front of the sea wall at the east end of the car park .

During race days members can request a tow from the safety boat in or out of the �run� if conditions / experience require it .

Casual Sailing

Social Sailing -

is organised every other Wednesday morning to tie in with the tides. This is a relaxed session which allows members to get out on the water and simply enjoy sailing. Thursday Evening Club - We have recently started at Thursday Evening Club which takes place on various tide friendly evenings during the year. These sessions work the same premise as the Wednesday morning sessions, but there is often a support boat in attendance as well. It is perfect for that post work stress bust.

.Ladies That Launch -

Ladies only sailing run over 6 Friday evenings sessions (and sometimes on a Saturday if we are lucky) - ideal for beginners and improvers who want to enjoy the sport of sailing in a relaxed and stress free environment. Sessions are run by qualified instructors and take place in the safe haven of Christchurch harbour. The bar is always open afterwards for that convivial, post sail debrief. If you go sailing when a club activity is not taking place please make sure someone knows your boat details, names of people, time launched, expected return & plans.

Signing out and In

There is a signing out and in book in the entrance of the clubhouse, PLEASE USE IT so if an emergency occurs a rescue knows who & where to look. It is not recommended boats sail at sea alone. However if you do, please consider the conditions are suitable for your ability and boat. Ensure that you are adequately dressed and take a radio & flares. Remember if the RNLI/Coastguard are called you are endangering others

Rocks at end of quay, note position of isolated danger mark


The Paddlers

HSC are home to the kayak and paddle board group, The Paddlers. The friendly bunch meet up regularly for a casual paddle around the harbour, up into Christchurch, around the shores of Hengistbury Head and in the right conditions, a pootle out to sea. Full details on the group can be found in the club house.

Racing Duties

As a club to run our main activity of racing we rely totally on Members contributing by doing a few duties each year. Even for non-racers it is often enjoyable to be out on a boat in the bay or the harbour and is a usually quite sociable.

In order to function smoothly we request that members volunteer for 3 duties each. These are organised at the beginning of the year, initially on a sign up basis and then on an allocation basis to fill in the missing duties. If you are unable to fulfil your duty, please try and find a replacement (a request on Facebook is quite effective) and make sure that you update the website with volunteer change, this can be found under 'Club" drop down menu. You will be notified of your upcoming duty via email several weeks before. You can always check the rota on the website.

Whatever your level of expertise, volunteer help is also welcomed. By assisting initially you will meet other Members and learn what needs to be done and the systems and equipment.

Each year we run a series of Open Meetings at which your help is especially important. These events present an opportunity for new and old Members alike to help run these events and also bring much welcome revenue to the club. Incidentally it�s amazing how much you can learn from watching other people on the water as well as being a particularly good opportunity chance to get to know other club Members

Sea Fleet

Sea fleet racing

The sea fleet normally races at 10.30hrs on Sundays through the season with a 2nd race to follow for the main part of the summer and also at 19.00 on Thursday evenings in the summer irrespective of tides, this helps create a regular program. The galley is also open on Thursday evenings during the sailing season

Racing marks

Highcliffe Sailing Club marks are Yellow with Orange band with HSC in black

Christchurch Sailing Club marks are Yellow with an X above

Currently there are 4 fixed marks in the bay, a �North� mark N �South� S �East� mark E and �West� mark W.Club racing usually uses one or more of these and possibly other laid inflatable marks.

Other marks and obstructions

There is a new post marking the extent of the rock Groyne called Clarendon rocks which extends south from the Mudeford sandbank some 200 meters. The sailing instruction for the sea fleets have been amended from June 2000 to identify this rock groyne as an obstruction and all boats must pass to seaward side of the post.

During the summer there is a line of round yellow Christchurch council marks 50~100 m from the beach, these identify the extent of the speed restricted zone for powered craft.

Harbour Fleet

Harbour fleet racing

The harbour has two marked channels of deep water, away from these channels depth can be a problem.

Racing marks

The racing marks positions are illustrated on the map of the harbour in the club foyer. With 3 clubs racing in the harbour the different club marks are:

Highcliffe Sailing Club marks Yellow with Orange bandMudeford Sailing Club marks OrangeChristchurch Sailing Club marks Small Yellow with an X above

Collision avoidance

The harbour has two marked channels of deep water, away from these channels depth of draught is a problem for many craft. Strictly speaking any craft who are claiming right of way due to being �constrained by draught �should carry a cylindrical shape in their rigging" but virtually none do so. There are many occasions when it is both prudent for your own safety and in the interest of good manners that we waive our rights and give way. The fishing boats and Christchurch ferries are both going about their livelihood whilst we are at recreation so please give them special consideration.

If just cruising in the harbour or training please give way to racing fleets from both this club and the neighbouring clubs

Gundimore beach launching

We are delighted that we now have the use of launching from the beach at Gundimore. This facility is available to all club members. We do need to consider other users and the terms of our licence agreement with the council:
Gates to be closed immediately after use.
Trolleys to be stacked neatly at the top of the beach in the far left hand corner when looking at the sea.
No trolleys to be kept on any part of the access way
Sails to be rigged on the beach
Overnight storage to be on hard standing areas.
Please consider all members of the general public

Birds Quiet area

A quiet area for birds roosting as conservation is defined at the West side of the harbour please avoid entering this area

Race Training

The organisation of race training is arranged by generally as requested by members.


The club Website is a good source of information about the club and what's going on. It is also where you can get the latest racing results. It is updated regularly with what�s going on at the club. Advertise your second-hand boats and kit on the notice board. The website also has a link to our own webcam and wind indicator .


You can subscribe to our maillist for a weekly summary from the club. To prevent the bulk mail being marked as spam/junk you might need to add to your white list/trusted list or whatever your mail system needs.


Wireless Internet access is available from the club premises. Ask at the bar for the password.


In conclusion we trust that you will enjoy being a member of Highcliffe Sailing Club and will benefit from the fantastic sailing areas we have access to and will benefit from the training we provide. However if you have questions that are not being answered or you feel that the club is not giving you what you want please do not hesitate to contact the Commodore Paul Walker or any other Flag Officers who will be delighted to help in any way they can.



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