Club Documentation

Committee Report for Highcliffe Sailing Club 2018 AGM.

Agenda & Resolutions Highcliffe Sailing Club 2018 AGM.

Minutes of Highcliffe Sailing Club 2017 AGM.

At the last AGM a resolution was passes replacing Rule 14 of the Constitution (Property, Funds and Winding Up) with a new Rule 14.1 (Distribution of Assets by way of Reconstruction) enabling the club to transfer its assets to a limited company with similar objects and then wind up the club.

The club has obtained the necessary tax clearance and Highcliffe Sailing Club Ltd was has been incorporated with objects and articles that were approved at the last AGM.
HSC Ltd Certificate of Incorporation & Articles

Resolution 1 proposes a new Rule 14.2 to transfer the assets and liabilities to Highcliffe Sailing Club Ltd and wind up the club (referred to as the Association).

Resolution 2 (assuming Resolution 1 is passed) proposes transferring the assets and liabilities to Highcliffe sailing Club Ltd under the terms of a draft transfer agreement at a date to be agreed by the Committee. This date will effectively be dictated by Christchurch Borough Council preparing the necessary documentation to assign the lease.
Draft Transfer Agreement

Resolution 3 amends the Constitution, Bye-Laws and Standing Orders by deleting clauses that are covered by the Articles of Association of the Company, change references to “Constitution” to “Articles” and wording to be consistent with the Articles, remove old CASC requirements and bring into line with GDPR and Licencing Regulations. There will take place when the assets and liabilities are transferred.
HSC Ltd Rules, Bye-Laws and Standing Orders AGM 2018

Highcliffe Sailing Club Constitution - revised November 2017.

HSC Data Privacy Policy.

HSC Child Protection Policy

HSC Safety Policy.

Expense form to claim for anything purchased on behalf of the club.

Dinghy park berthing Rules

Club Letterhead

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