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Ladies That Launch 


HSC LTL  2024​

Ladies That Launch (LTL) is HSC’s answer for ladies that would love to sail and socialise with other ladies.  Our aim is simply to get as many ladies on the water as possible each year no matter what their previous experience.   This is done by providing formal training groups / access to instructors to arrange private instruction and also social sailing and events at the club.


LTL - Training

Each year we set up some training groups to include a beginners group and a beginners plus group to help those with little or no experience learn the basics.    These groups are now full for 2024 however we do have experienced instructors as members of our club provide private lessons so if you would love to learn and then join in our social sailing sessions then this is a way forward for you.


For those that have already participated in our free training or are rusty, need a confidence builder or improve their skills you could book private lessons for a fee with Mark Anderson, Ken Fowler or Dave Holloway who are all members and instructors at the club. Alternatively you can also book with Shoresports 

LTL - Social Sailing

The LTL social sailing sessions are dates in the diary when we can all get out together for some fun sailing in the harbour.  These are informal sessions with no trainer or safety boat so are aimed at all those that have either participated in our training groups, or are able to get out on the water and back themselves or who already know how to sail.   These will be on Saturdays in 2024 and give us a chance to all get out together for some fun social sailing and a few drinks and fingers crossed BBQ's afterwards. 

​LTL -  Ad-Hoc Sailing and Events

Throughout the year we have our Ladies LTL Whatsapp group that we use to let you know if there are any other ad-hoc sailing or club events happening.  You can also use this to shout out to other sailors if you are planning to go out sailing and want company or request help and guidance on anything to do with ladies sailing.

Event                                                                Start Date         Start Time

LTL - Beginners lessons - dry session           11/04/2024        18:30

LTL - Beginners lessons                                 18/04/2024        18:30

LTL - Beginners lessons                                 02/05/2024        18:30

LTL - Beginners lessons                                 16/05/2024        18:30

LTL - Beginners lessons                                 30/05/2024        18:30

LTL - Beginners lessons                                 04/06/2024        18:30

LTL - Beginners lessons                                 18/06/2024        18:30

     LTL - Beginners Plus                                       5 dates to be arranged 

LTL - Social sailing (no lessons)                     01/06/2024        18:00

LTL - Social sailing (no lessons)                     15/06/2024        18:00

LTL - Social sailing (no lessons)                     29/06/2024        18:00

LTL - Social sailing (no lessons)                     13/07/2024        15:00

LTL - Social sailing (no lessons)                     27/07/2024        15:00

LTL - Social sailing (no lessons)                     10/08/2024        13:00

LTL - Social sailing (no lessons)                     24/08/2024        14:00



1. Who can join LTL?


Any ladies that are members of the club can join, however if you are 17 years old or under you may wish to look at the Seals group instead.  LTL is not just about training groups it is also social sailing and a chance to socialise at our club with other lady members. 


2. How do I join LTL?


You must be a member of the club and you can join our LTL Whatsapp group,  you will then be in the loop on any socials we organise.   To get you on the water there are several pathways.  1)  LTL Training groups 2) Private Instruction 3) LTL Social sailing.  If you can already sail then you can jump straight to part 3.


 3. What if I don’t have a  boat?

If you are participating in our training you will be using our club boats.  If you are booking private instruction you will use the club boats or Shoresports boats.  For social sailing sessions we will have use of the club boats but you may need to share if we have a good turnout for a session.


4. Can LTL get involved in racing?


Yes! We’d love to see more Ladies racing. If you think you’re ready for that step in your sailing career then get in touch and you will get as much help and encouragement as you could want.


5. Where else can I get training?


We have Instructors that are members of the club that can help you with some 1-1 private training sessions for a fee, just let us know and we can put you in touch .We’d also suggest you contact Shoresports at Mudeford Quay, very close the HSC. Their website is


6. How do I find out more about HSC Ladies that Launch


Contact Debbie on who will be very happy to help.

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Sarah, Aero Sailor

"What a laugh! Friday night Ladies That Launch out in the harbour is an absolute tonic.  Lovely group of ladies, friendly, fun and above all, relaxed."

Ken, Instructor

LTL is all about sailing with like minded individuals, laughing together, learning together and making friends in the bar. The most rewarding teaching I've ever done.

Lorrian, Aero Sailor

Fabulous fun and an opportunity to learn without pressure whatever your level. Has been a brilliant opportunity to get to know ladies from other clubs building a local support network for ladies' sailing. 

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