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The Paddlers

Paddlers Events for 2022

The club paddling section has grown incredibly over the last few years with both kayaking and paddle boarding ( stand up paddling or SUP ) gaining huge popularity.

The club recognise this and fully support this element of water sports. Regular training sessions and talks take place during the year - the real paddling starts around April time and continues towards the end of September.


Regular ‘ social ‘ paddles are organised throughout the season and these dates and ideas are published on the club web site diary. The dates and tides are linked to provide the best options for paddling, they vary from ‘doing the loop ‘ which essentially is paddling up river towards Christchurch and looping around the connecting rivers to ‘ doing the run ‘ - which means watching the tide and paddling from the harbour out to sea - only on good days !


We try to combine these days with perhaps a picnic, breakfast or just a tea or coffee at the beach huts or at the marina.


All levels of paddliers are welcome, whether kayaking or SUP. Safety is obviously paramount and nobody is expected to paddle beyond their ability or experience.

Having said that, we have run some excellent training courses focusing on safety both on and off the water - look out for dates on the Newsletter or WhatsApp group - and you get a certificate once you’ve done it !


Look out too on the Paddlers notice board - there is a paddlers safety brief for everyone who sets out on the water - please follow basic measures such as always padding with at least one other person, always wear a buoyancy aid, take a telephone in a waterproof bag and don’t take chances with the weather especially the wind ! ‘ Check out before you set out ‘ is a good rule to follow.


The Paddle Support Team are there to help with all things paddling including training, kayak hire inspections, organisation and support.




Sat 20 April meet at Club at 09:00
Sat 11th May meet at Club at 13.00
Sat 25th May meet at Club at  13.00
Sat 1st June meet at Club at 17:00
Sat 15 the June meet at Club at 17:00
Sat 29th June meet at Club at 09:00
Sat 6th July meet at Club at 13:00
Sat 20th July meet at Club at 09:00
Sat 3rd Aug meet at Club at 09:30
Sat7th Sept meet at Club at 11:00
Wed18th Sept meet at Club at 18:30 Moonlight paddle
Sat 21st Sept meet at Club at 13:00




How can I get involved with Paddling Group and join in with the group paddles ?


 The best way is to join the Paddlers WhatsApp group for regular updates but you can also check dates on the club website.


 Can I join in if I’m a paddle boarder / SUP ?


Definitely - we have a good number of SUPs that regularly join us.


Do I need to be an experienced paddler or have attended any courses ?


No the group paddles cater for all levels and everyone is made welcome,

regular training / safety courses are run by club members at no cost.


What are the main things to think about before setting out ?


There is a paddlers guide on the noticeboard , and the link below -  if you follow those basic guidelines you won’t go far wrong!

For anything else you can always email -

‘"getting out on the water with the paddlers is a fun way on enjoying our special local environment'"

"We really enjoyed the moonlight paddles last year and being out with a large group made it so enjoyable"

"There’s a good social side to the paddle outings sometimes including a picnic or stop off for coffee"

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