HSC Seals 

Highcliffe Sailing Club is the PERFECT place for young people to learn to sail. We have a fleet of ideal dinghies, particularly our RS Zests

and, of course, the fabulous shallow Christchurch harbour.


We set up the HSC Seals to get more young people out on the water. We want to see them building skills and friendships that we hope will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Calm Sea

Activities for the Seals include:


-  Ad-hoc training events led by members of the club who are RYA Dinghy Instructors, helping to get young people started with the basics


- Annual courses run in conjunction with our friends at Shoresports (www.shoresports.co.uk) who are just along the beach from us. These are run over a series of Saturday mornings in the early summer and are exclusively for HSC members so that friendships can develop


- Youth friendly events at our annual fun day


- Regular Saturday sessions when we make our dinghy fleet available to the Seals at no cost, to encourage the young people to sail together (and / or with their parents). Please note that these are NOT supervised events and all activities are under the supervision of parents. However, there will normally be someone around if you need any help.




1. What age are the HSC Seals?


To date, we have mainly been focussed on age 8-14 but we are here for young people up to the age of 17. We would love to hear from you and will see what we can do to support you.


We generally find that under 8s are a little young to learn to sail themselves but we love to see young people out sailing with family members and friends. They’re never too young to enjoy being on the water if they’re with someone who can keep them safe.


2. How do I become an HSC Seal?


You must be a member of the club. If you’re a member though (either youth or family) and under 18 then you’re already a Seal - you don’t need to do more.


3. I’d like to learn to sail but don’t have any gear?


You will need suitable clothing to keep you warm. Usually the minimum is a suitable wetsuit for the weather. You might well also benefit from a spray top and gloves, particularly when it’s a bit cooler. You need footwear that can get wet - an old pair of trainers is fine.


We can loan you a buoyancy aid and helmet if you don’t have your own.


4. Do I have to wear a helmet?


For training, yes, you need to ensure that you’re wearing a suitable helmet. We can loan one to you. For club sailing, including our Saturday sessions, we strongly recommend it and ask that you do wear a helmet. Ultimately however, if not under an instructor then parents need to take responsibility for safety.


5. Where can I buy sailing gear?


Decathlon is a good source of reasonable quality and well priced gear. If you have specific questions or would like some help then just get in touch - see below.


6. Can Seals get involved in racing?


Yes! We’d love to see more Seals racing. If you think you’re ready for that step in your sailing career then get in touch and you will get as much help and encouragement as you could want.


7. Where else can I get training?


We’d suggest you contact Shoresports at Mudeford Quay, very close the HSC. Their website is www.shoresports.co.uk. If you would like to take formal RYA training, we have heard good things about Rockley Park in Poole.


8. How do I find out more about HSC Seals?


Contact Dave on seals@highcliffesailing.co.uk who will be very happy to help.

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