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Our volunteers are at the core of Highcliffe Sailing Club.  Their dedication and contributions play a crucial role in ensuring the success of the club, from organising social events to managing the sailing program and supporting various club activities.

Volunteers bring passion, expertise, and a sense of community spirit to the club, their commitment is invaluable, and without their help, many aspects of the club's operations would not be possible.

We encourage members to volunteer their time to support the club.  Volunteering offers a wonderful opportunity to foster a sense of community  and the chance for members to integrate themselves within the club and form new friendships.

Volunteer Opportunities

We have many opportunities to become involved in different areas within the club. This could include events, race officer duties, bar team, galley team, maintenance, and many more areas where your contribution would be invaluable.

How to Get Involved

To find out more email with the type of area you are interested in supporting.  We can then put you in touch with the relevant teams.

Being part of the volunteering team is rewarding and has a positive impact on the success of the club.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Dutyman volunteering system

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