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Hiring of Equipment

Our equipment hire process at Highcliffe Sailing Club is designed for your convenience.

Members can easily hire boats and Kayaks through our online booking system. Webcollect. Link below.


 Please remember to return all equipment to its designated place after use to keep your club organised and accessible for everyone.


We also remind you to assess the suitability of weather and water conditions based on your own skills and knowledge before heading out. Your safety is our priority, and using your judgment ensures a safe and enjoyable experience on the water.


Thank you for your cooperation!

Club Kayaks

Kayak Hire

The club offers three single kayaks and one double kayak for hire. 

Hire Kayaks can be found on Rack C-facing clubhouse.

Location – Space 3 top & bottom, Space 4 top & bottom

Code for Kayak – 2002

Bin Store where paddles are kept – C3479

Paddle Lock code - 2002

The single kayaks are £5 for an all day hire 

The double kayak are £7.50 for an all day hire

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Hire Kayaks Location - Lock code 2002

Bin Store - Lock Code C3479

Paddle Lock - 2002

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Hire Dinghy's 

The club offers the following dinghy boats for hire for the day.

6 Zest - £10

3 Lasers - £10

1 Topper - £10

1 Hartley 15 - £15

Zests can be found in Row F – Spaces 32, 30, 29, 24, 23, 21 – Lock Code 3698

Lazer’s can be found in Row G  – Please see map for  location

Topper can be found in Row G -  Please see map for  location

Hartley 15 can be found in Dinghy Park closest to the clubhouse

Zests Row F
Hire Boats Cover
Topper's - Row G



We also have 1 SUP board for members to hire.  This is free to use and is allocated on a first come first serve basis.  You will find this in the bin store.  Code C3479

The padlock code for the SUP Board is 2002.  Paddle in the Paddle Store code 2002

Dinghy Park Map

Dinghy Park Map

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