Newsletter -28th October 2020

Hi HSC Members,


Autumn, it seems, has stormed in already, it has been rather windy (the club anemometer clocked 50knot gust last Saturday) in the harbour of late, with some pretty strong, gusty weather keeping us off the water and our boats, kayaks and boards under their covers.  This has given us time, however, to get on with planning next year's events and we really hope to be able to bring you all lots of fun activities in 2021 for both sailors and paddlers alike.  Dennis is putting an HSC watersports team together, if you would like to get involved in helping to build the paddling side of the club, please do get in touch (  We are also very keen to get a good training programme together for all ages, not just in dinghies, but RIBs and SUPs and kayaks.  We have received lots of kind offers to assist in this, thank you to everyone. If anyone has any particular training request, please let us know and we will put your ideas into the pot. 



The Deadline is Looming


Thank you to everyone who has renewed and paid their membership already, figures show that this is well over half of you, this is great and is hugely appreciated by the Committee, especially our Treasurer.  We hope that Webcollect has made the process much easier for everyone.  Please contact if you have any issues with renewal or if you would like to resign.


You should have all received an email from the Committee on Monday (26th Oct) with the official Notice of AGM plus important information regarding the voting system this year (please check your junk mail if you did not receive it - it will have come from


Please could you print out the voting form (attached in the email), tick your preferences and sign it before then:-


1) scanning and emailing it to the Hon. Secretary ( .....or.....

2) posting it to Highcliffe Sailing Club Ltd., Sea Vixen, Mudeford Quay, Christchurch, BH23 4AB ...  or .....

3) putting it in the letterbox at the Club,


Please note, voting slips are to arrive not later than Friday, 20th November 2020.


Please also don't forget that the deadline for payment of HSC membership for 2020/2021 is 31st October 2020, if you have not paid you will not be able to attend or vote at the AGM.  


Dinghy Park Spaces

As mentioned in previous newsletters, we have a waiting list for dinghy park spaces and sail lockers, so non- receipt of payment for your space/locker by 31st October will mean that our dinghy park warden, Ian, will  reallocate unpaid spaces on 1st November to those who are waiting for one.  


If you do not wish to renew your membership or keep your dinghy park space, please let know of your decision and please remove your boat from the space on or before 1st November 2020.

On the Water

Interclub 2020 Results


Despite all the recent windy weather, there are still days when the wind just doesn't want to come and play, and of course, it chose to take a day off for the last 2 races of the Harbour Interclub on 18th October.  

For the 30 boats who raced, they were given a real pussy cat of a wind to play with, and unfortunately found that toward the end of the race the tide was moving faster than they were.  Still, it is all part of the fun and the challenges of racing in Christchurch Harbour.   


Congratulations to Simon Percival and CSC for winning the Harbour Interclub Cup and Series for 2020!

Frostbite Series starts 


We have the first 2 races of our 10 race Frostbite series starting this Sunday at 10:30am.   This series will be shared with MSC as always, with HSC running the first 2.


The weekend weather however is not looking good, there is a pretty strong southwesterly forecast.  Please keep an eye out on the website/FB/whatsapp groups for updates.  It may be the case that we need to cancel.


As promised in the last newsletter....


....we have sorted the Icicle Open meeting dates for next year.  Due to the restrictions of Covid, we have decided not to open up the Icicle Series to the wider sailing community, but will keep it as a series to be contested between HSC, MSC and CSC.  This should still attract 30 or so boats to the start line, so the competition will still be hot.


The Icicle Open 2021 dates are:-


3rd Jan Sun 11:00   h/t 12.09   1.5m

17th Jan Sun 11:00  h/t 12.08  1.5m

31st Jan Sun 11:00  h/t 10.58  1.6m

14th Feb Sun 11:00  h/t 10.54 1.6m


Everyone is welcome to come and watch, and for all the brave sailors, even though the showers are still off limits, and you need to sign in and socially distance yourselves..... don't forget there will be free tea & coffee in the Club to warm you all up afterwards. 



And finally, Nick at Shoresports is having an end of season sale.


Shoresports are selling off some of their kit.  If you are interested in picking up a great deal on a second hand SUP or kayak, please check out the links below:-

Shoresports Kayak sale

Shoresports SUP sale

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