Newsletter 23rd July 2021

Hi HSC Members,


Did the last newsletter not suggest that some mighty fine weather was on its way?  We have had a week of the most glorious summer weather, which was perhaps not so successful for anyone looking for wind, but definitely pretty tasty for all the paddlers and sunset lovers.   A little (met office) birdie also tells me that once we have got past all the unsettled, wet and potentially noisy stuff due to wander past this weekend, there is plenty more where that came from....


... which bodes well for Mudeford Week (well four days) running from Wednesday 11th till Saturday 14 August. Full details are now up on their website


If you would like to join in with the fun of Mudeford Week, please let Mike at MSC know (alternatively email me and I will put you in contact with him.  There are several HSC members already signed up so you won't be alone.  If you are free that week, you could always hire club boat and join in....


Unfortunately however ... 




The weather forecast is looking really stormy for tomorrow morning, so we have decided to cancel this week's session, weather like that is not really conducive to learning and enjoying the water.  It'll be back however on Saturday 7th August, so be ready.  


Fun Day - Huge thank you to everyone who participated and volunteered for last Saturday's Fun Day, Word is that it is was a huge success all round.  Lots of new members were able to come down and immerse themselves in the very heart of a busy, happy Club. Huge thank you to Wade for organising it all, and to all those who mucked in and got wet, ran around, fiddled with boats, ran races and laid courses.  Brilliant fun, and to be repeated! If you haven't already found it, there is a page on the website full of photos of the day and most importantly, the results.  Link on button below. 




A quick reminder, as if you all need it, of the grand ... 




It's happening!





Friday 23rd July 2021


from 19:00


Along with the Ladies That Launch session going on in the harbour, the bar & club will finally be fully open for everyone.


Don't forget, the BBQ will be fired up and ready for you all as well.  It is bring your own food (as usual) but the club will contribute to the event with sausages and buns & rolls. We will also provide a large bowl of potato salad, but any other foody contributions would be appreciated.


Please make sure that you read the new COVID club rules before you come down tonight (front page of website - green button).  We would like to make sure that the Club is a safe place for everyone, including the volunteers and as such we are taking a prudent but sensible approach to the relaxed restrictions.


Please can we ask that no more than 2 people approach the bar at any one time and that you wear a mask when doing so.  Please also sanitise your hands on arrival and either scan the QR code on arriving or sign in the book in the main hall entrance.


From this evening onwards, the bar will be open on every race day/evening and every Friday evening for the next few months (unless anything changes).  


We look forward to seeing you all later.


Fun Day Photos


 ****** CLUB BALCONY UPDATE  ******

The application for the new balcony for the Club is now live on the BCP system and available for comment. The document states that the end of the consultation period is 9th August but that may yet change.


We would very much appreciate the support of Club members in making the balcony a reality. Please find a link to the planning application below.  Please do access the site and add your support to the project, it will make a world of difference.  If you would like more information on the planned development, please contact our Commodore, Jim Brown on, he would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you in advance for your help.


The RIB propellor is in the process of being fixed.  We understand it is not easy coming and going in such a shallow harbour, especially when a lot of the sea races are run at low tide. This is a quick reminder to you all not to forget to raise the engine when you are leaving and coming back in.  

Also, please could we ask the sailors to assist the Support Boat team with the recovery of the RIB after racing.  We have had to ask members of the public to help heave the boat up the slipway recently which doesn't look very good. Please could sailors muck in at the end and just make sure your support RIB is not forgotten.



Monday 19th July saw the second of proposed fortnightly Paddling Meetings - 14 Paddlers joined in to ' do the loop ' returning just as the sun was setting over the harbour, some of the newsletter photos are of that very event.  The next date for meeting is Monday 2nd August - more detail will go out on the WhatsApp Group - if you would like to join the Paddlers WhatsApp please contact Dennis.


Our first Safety Training for Paddlers took place at the Clubhouse on Wednesday 21st July - everyone seemed very impressed by the content of the training delivered by New Forest Activities / Liquid Logistics. We looked at Tides / Weather / Locations / General Safety and equipment during the course of the evening, a second session is planned for Wednesday 28th July. We will look at further similar courses in the future -  if there is sufficient interest and need.


Many thanks





Thanks for all the name the boat entries for our new RS Zests - the clear winners were Lemon & Lime.  The names have been allocated to boats (thanks Graham) and they now just await sailors.  Please book the boats out using the Webcollect system (there is a button on front page of website for those who don't know).  Any questions or advice on how to hire the Club dinghies, please contact David on



The wind is being a bit fickle at the moment, scared off by the blistering sun I guess, although it is looking particularly good right now judging by a photo I have just received from Ken of Mark Hawkins screaming around the harbour in his Aero (below)


So, most of the racing attention is turning to the harbour for the next few weeks.  If you have never raced before, don't be shy.  Hire a club boat and wander over to the start line and join in.  There will be plenty of people in the dinghy park and Club House to help and advise.  We would love to see more sailors come and race.  Any questions on this please drop me a line, I'd be happy to help.


Harbour Racing/Sailing will be: 


Sun 25th July - Summer - 10:30

Wed 4th Aug -  Harbour - 19:00 


Wed 5th Aug - Social Sail - 12:00

Fri 23rd Jul - LTL

Sat 24th Jul - Family Training Day - sadly cancelled this time - rubbish weather forecast.

Harbour Race Results



Next Sea Racing will be:


Thur 5th Aug Sea Eve - 19:00


Sea Race Results


Ladies That Launch is back again tonight for more of the same but with added wind and an open bar!

This evening it is the beginners group with Margaret and Louise who have bagsyed the Zests, while Richard will crack the whip with the intermediate group out in the harbour once more.  We are also pleased that Mr Adventure himself, Ken, is available to impart his immeasurable wisdom to the advanced group and what with a 'sporting' amount of wind around, as Richard puts it, it looks like it will be an excellent evening on the water.

Please be ready to climb aboard your boat at 19:00 so we can make the most of the evening light. 


Plus, this time we can de-brief properly with a glass in hand.  I think Richard is planning to do this out on the balcony. So, have fun ladies, you are in for a cracker.




LTL 2 23rd July 7:00 PM

LTL 3 20th Aug 6:00 PM

LTL 4 3rd Sept 6:00 PM

TRAINING - if the LTL has whet your appetite and you would like to learn more, club member Dave Holloway is a qualified Sailing Instructor who offers private sailing tuition to HSC members.  If you are interested in finding out more, please see his ad on the club noticeboard, nab him in the dinghy park and ask him or contact and I will forward him your details.


Alternatively, ShoreSports on the quay offer individual training sessions or group sessions if are were enough interested parties.  It's all out there :-) 

One last note, a warden who popped to club to lock up the other night found the club empty but the fire doors leading on the balcony wide open.  Please could we ask that you check that these are shut if you are the last to leave.


Finally, please don't forget to support on our balcony planning app on the BCP website...


..or the big bar re-opening tonight with its fresh new and welcoming look!

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