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YOGA - 19th Oct - 19:00 - bring a mat(e), £5  session
Sat 6th Nov - Firework Night
Please advise if you want 18.15 or 19.15 sitting for food

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4th Oct 2021

HSC Members,

So, I think it is fair to say that summer is now over, just look out of the window. The Club Hire fleet Zests, Topper and Pico have now had their masts taken down and put in the cupboard for the winter.  This doesn't mean you can no longer use them, just that with the more inclement weather, they have been put away to keep them in good condition.  If do you use the boats, please could you put the kit back where you found it.  The windy weather this weekend has already tried to lift a few boat covers off, so as always, please could you ensure that your boats are securely tied down for winter or after use.  Thanks.


Talking of inclement weather, the last racing session on Sunday was the first of our Frostbite Series.  This seemed to be a rather pessimistic title with all the sunshine we had in September.  In reality, even though it didn't quite live up to its icy name, the whipping winds and chilly bite to the air definitely announced that we are galloping toward the frostier part of the sailing season.  Well done to all who raced, the jungle drums tell me that it was a rather feisty affair.


And for those disappointed that the evening racing has finished, don't despair.  To maintain all that fitness and health gained from hours on the water, we are pleased to bring you a whole different, but equally as important form of exercise - Yoga. 


We are really happy to let you know that Club Member Roxanne is back with her Yoga classes.  The sessions will restart this Wednesday 6th October and are the perfect way to keep toned over the darker months.  Sessions will run from 19:00 - 20:15 every Wednesday, and will be £5 per member each time.  Please can we ask that you bring your own mats.  There is no need to book in, please just turn up, limber up and enjoy. 


For those looking to use different sets of muscles, we have 2 really super Social Events lined up for you, all the details further down the newsletter .....


Firstly, some thank yous.

 An ideal club for sailors and water sports lovers of all abilities and aspirations.