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Harbour Racing Wed 4th Aug - 19:00 
Social Sailing Thurs 5th Aug - from 18:00 

Sea Racing Thurs 5th Aug - 19:00
The Bar will be open both evenings
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23rd JuLY 2021

Hi HSC Members,


Did the last newsletter not suggest that some mighty fine weather was on its way?  We have had a week of the most glorious summer weather, which was perhaps not so successful for anyone looking for wind, but definitely pretty tasty for all the paddlers and sunset lovers.   A little (met office) birdie also tells me that once we have got past all the unsettled, wet and potentially noisy stuff due to wander past this weekend, there is plenty more where that came from....


... which bodes well for Mudeford Week (well four days) running from Wednesday 11th till Saturday 14 August. Full details are now up on their website


If you would like to join in with the fun of Mudeford Week, please let Mike at MSC know (alternatively email me and I will put you in contact with him.  There are several HSC members already signed up so you won't be alone.  If you are free that week, you could always hire club boat and join in....


Unfortunately however ... 




The weather forecast is looking really stormy for tomorrow morning, so we have decided to cancel this week's session, weather like that is not really conducive to learning and enjoying the water.  It'll be back however on Saturday 7th August, so be ready.  

 An ideal club for sailors and water sports lovers of all abilities and aspirations.