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Mon 13th Sep - The Paddlers - Clubhouse - 16:00
Sun 19th Sep - Harbour Interclub - 10:00
Wed 22nd - Social Sailing - 10:30

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7th Sept 2021

HSC Members,


Well hello everyone, it's been 6 weeks since the last newsletter and hasn't summer just flown by! We hope you have all managed to get outside a bit this August and have squeezed in a fun/interesting/fulfilling/relaxing/rewarding

break (please delete where appropriate ...) although it does seem that the good weather has only just got the memo....


First things first, Highcliffe SC would like to say a huge thank you to Mudeford SC and to Mike Roach, Peter Reid and Rowena, for organising 4 days of great sailing for Mudeford Week this year, they even managed to sort some pretty good sailing conditions!  Feedback from the HSC sailors was full of praise so thank you for inviting us all to come and play. 


A bit of research seems to show that several of you have been out and about with your boats competing in regattas and National Championships over the last few weeks, both locally and further afield.


Well done to all the Highcliffe sailors who joined in Mudeford race week, to Dave Hairs for coming second overall and to Ela for winning the pursuit race.  


Congratulations also goes to our Club Treasurer, Steve, who has just been down to Mounts Bay, Cornwall with his Solo to compete in their National Championships and had a fun time up against 97 other boats.  There is an article on Yachts & Yachting if you would like to read more about it ( 


And finally our 2 Contender sailors, Gary Langdown and Simon Mussell have been all over the country this year racing in Open Meetings, with varying levels of success, and have just been to Plymouth to compete in their National Championships where they placed mid fleet overall.  It's good see Highcliffe SC up there in the national sailing results.  Keep it going everyone.


At the Club we have finally managed to enjoy a few perfect, impromptu, sunset BBQs.  Last Friday's was particularly lovely.  The weather was warm, the beach was filled with happy chatting people with plenty to watch on the water as a club race going on in the harbour. On top of this, the last Ladies That Launch session took place and had a most fitting finale by showing off what they had learnt over the last few sessions by joining in the Club racing! 


We would also like to send a big thanks to all the BBQ chefs who, over the last month, have swapped beers for tongs and cracked on with cooking all the food brought to them and to all the bar volunteers who often get stuck inside, alone!  Thank you.  


Now, what is coming up?  Well, plenty really.  Some of which will need your assistance, some of which will need your attention and some of which will need your presence. 


First up - your presence ......

 An ideal club for sailors and water sports lovers of all abilities and aspirations.