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Seals (Youth Sailing)


2023 Awards


This our first newsletter since our 2023 Awards Ceremony & Party so let’s start by celebrating the great achievements last year :


- Seals Logo Designer : Tilly

- HSC Fun Day Seals Race Winner : Jensen & Riby

- HSC Fun Day Seal & Adult Race Winner : Elliott

- Commodore’s Award for Contributing to the Club : Fran, Josephine, Mirabelle & Leo

- Seal’s Seal of the Year (for kindness, helping others, being a great friend and joining in) : Tilly & Reuben

- John Toy Memorial Trophy for Seal of the Year : Poppy


We celebrated a great year for the Seals - and uncovered some spectacular dance skills!

Congratulations again to all of you and we can’t wait to see how everyone progresses this year.

2024 Season


We held our 2024 Seals launch event at the beginning of March where we met many new families and caught up with lots who we hadn’t seen over the winter. Thank you to everyone for coming along, asking questions and for your great feedback.


The season has begun and our Beginners course started early in April. 11 of our new young sailors were out with Shoresports in the harbour and we’re excited to see them progress.



Finally, if you’re not already on our Seals Parents WhatsApp group, please email for an invitation - that way you’ll get all the Seals news early.


Dave, Katharine & Emma

The Seals Team

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