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Seal (Youth Sailing)


Before we report on recent activities, we would like to remind all parents and young members that if you’re aged from 8-16 then YOU ARE A SEAL. You DON'T have to be a sailor yet (or you might even have tried sailing but decided it’s not for you) - you ARE still a Seal and you are still part of our youth community at HSC. We would therefore love to see you at any events we hold. And, with that in mind, please see below for information about our Christmas Party.


On to reporting our news ...the on-the-water season for Seals is now sadly over but so much has happened since our last newsletter …

- our final planned Seals Saturday of the year - with 20 Seals on the water
- a bonus Seals Saturday in October thanks to some great weather and again had 20 Seals on the water
- the fantastic Halloween party with so many Seals preparing pumpkins and showing us incredible fancy dress skills (and we even had 2 Seals in the band - brilliant performance from Josephine & Leo)
- Ibiza night with lots of Seals dancing the night away and entertaining the adults with their balloon drops

Thank you to all the Seals who supported us in these events. We had our club AGM in November and Commodore Jim spoke specifically about how the club has been transformed with the energy of the Seals at club events.

Looking forward, it’s not too late to book in to the end-of-season Seals Christmas Party and Prize Giving. All our Seal members and their families are welcome to come and enjoy our celebration of the end of the year.  Log onto to webcollect to book !

Looking even further forward, we’ve already spent lots of time planning 2024. Next year will include more Shoresports courses, more Seals Saturdays than we’ve ever held before, the HSC Fun Day (get this in your diary as soon as it’s announced) and lots of fun social activities. And, just like this year, Seals will also be welcomed at lots of other club events including socials, paddling trips, etc.

And finally a huge thank you to the Seals, their parents, their families and Shoresports for all supporting us this year. We’ve had the best Seals year ever and have loved watching everyone enjoying their time on and off the water.

Dave, Emma & Katharine
The Seals Team



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