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Paddling News

This season has had mixed blessings and with a couple of months of below average weather and trying to put together organised paddling events has been difficult at times.

However, there was a magnificent ‘ Moonlight Paddle ‘ at the end of August celebrating the large blue Moon - not to be seen again until 2037 - where will we be then !
A record number of 42 paddlers took to the water and witnessed a great sight, we saw some amazing videos with sound that followed. 

Our first attempt earlier in the month may have seen 60 paddlers plus but we were defeated by the weather and the Moon never really showed it’s face - nevertheless 30 plus brave members took part and enjoyed some fabulous hot dogs and a buzzing bar before and afterwards. A plus sign, despite the weather, is that we made about £95 which will be directed towards safety equipment for paddlers - e.g. throw lines and safety harnesses.

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