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Fleet Management


The club boats would normally have their masts up and be on the beach by the club house by now, Due to the bad weather and costal erosion they are scattered around the beach park. One or two are on the higher ground near the club for easy renting.


The Picos and the Gull are no longer available and are in the process of being sold, These have been replaced by 2 new RS Zest boats and 2 more Lasers making our rental fleet up to 11 boats in total.


Support Boats:


All the Support boats have now been fully serviced by South Coast Outboards.


Harbour Buoys:


The team have refurbished and laid the harbour buoys ready for the racing season which is now under way. 


Rental boats may also be used for the racing so we can always use more race members and are a very friendly bunch.




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