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Blokes in Boats


Sunday 14th April saw the first Blokes in Boats session of the season. Seven sailors of all levels, ranging from complete novice to a little rusty, came along for their first taste of Blokes in Boats

Thanks to the efforts of Mark Anderson we trialled our first online sign-up sheet which proved really useful in gauging attendance and boats required.


Prior to launching, William demonstrated rigging before allowing the sailors the opportunity to practice on their own, He then gave some basic sailing instruction, checked all boats were rigged correctly and off we went.


In spite of cooling temperatures and rising winds all the sailors successfully launched and everyone had plenty of sailing time. A big shout out to Ian Pike, Andy Watts and Jon Horton who provided support on and off the water.


If you are interested in an introduction, or re-introduction, to sailing, please join the Blokes in Boats WhatsApp group and sign up for the next session!

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