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Ladies That Launch

Ladies That Launch - the group of new lady sailors.

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Ladies That Launch

Following a very successful year of Ladies That Launch (LTL) in 2023 we have been busy planning our sailing for 2024.  There are more and more fabulous female sailors in the club now and many have gone through from the beginners training to now getting out on the water on their own.  Our plans for next year will again include a beginners group of 8 for those that have never sailed before, so if you have no sailing experience and would like more details of this information, contact details are below Please bear in mind this will probably be over subscribed and if this is the case we will allocated places to those that have been members the longest. However, we are also looking at additional ways of getting newbies on the water so just register your interest in the first instance so that we can assess the demand and find a solution! We will also be able to take the beginners from 2023 and progress their skills in a separate group so we will be in touch with them separately to discuss 2024 plans.


Aside from the beginners group we are now planning our new Ladies Social Sailing sessions, these are informal sessions with no trainer or safety boat. It is so are aimed at all those that have either had the great training from our team of  Margaret, Louise, Richard and Mark and are able to get out on the water and back themselves or those who already know how to sail. These will be on Saturdays and give us a chance to all get out together for some fun social sailing and a few drinks and, fingers crossed, BBQ's afterwards.


And for those that have already participated in our free training or are rusty,  need a confidence builder or improve their skills you could book private lessons with Shoresports or with Mark Anderson, Ken Fowler or Dave Holloway.


Full details of dates and times will be in the calendar on our website and will be sent out to the WhatsApp groups etc in the New Year.  So have a great Christmas and see you all in 2024.

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